Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the minimum payout ?
5 US dollar, while we may increase it in the future.
2. When do i get paid ?
Users will be paid in maximum of 7 Days
3. When can i request payments ?
Anytime, anyday.
4. Can i cancel my payments ?
Contact us
5. Do you provide the best rate possible ?
6. Is adult images allowed ?
Yes, all legal adult images are allowed.
7. What are the payment method available ?
Currently, we offer Webmoney, Btc, P.p
8. I do not get paid within the timeframe (7 days), what should i do ?
First, please check if you violate any of our Terms of Service. Secondly, Under "My Account" on the main page, check if there's any comments made by admin in your payout history section. Alternatively, please send us an support ticket and we will handle your case accordingly.
9. When will my views stat updated ?
Views stat are updated around 20 minute EACH time after you login
10. I didn't get any commission from my referrals, what is the problem?
Referral stats are updated around 20 minute EACH time after you login. However, it might be your referrals is inactive or you did not generate any views from your images.
11. How long will my image be kept?
Any image without any views for 365 days will be deleted.
12. Upload is not working?
Please contact us via contact page
13. What traffic is prohibited ?
The prohibited traffic that will cause permanent account closure are as below : - a) Traffic that are involved in paying incentive/points to visitor in order to gain views. Eg : Pay to click advertising(PTC) b) Proxy/Vpn/Datacenter/Vps/Dedicated servers traffic c) Iframe traffics d) Forcing/begging user to visit image e) Traffic exchange sites f) Email traffics g) Bot/automation softwares h) Url shortener traffic i) Any other fraudulent traffic to abuse the system
14. What kind of images are not allowed to upload ?
Images that are prohibited to upload are as below : - Child pornography, any offensive, illegal, abusive, copyrighted materials. - Also read point 20
15. Will you terminate my account if my uploaded images are reported?
We will not terminate account unless child pornography is uploaded. We will go through the report via investigation. Our investigation process are the following steps: - a)Suspend image b)Held investigation c)If image are found to be legal, we will restore them upon completion of investigation. d)Alternatively, if image are found to be illegal, we will delete them permanently.
16. My affiliate account was banned, what should i do?
While we terminates an account, we go through deep investigation before we hit the ban button. Usually, no ban appeal will be considered. If you still think its a mistake, feel free to send us an support ticket, and we will handle your case accordingly.
17. Is hotlinking allowed ?
No, we don't allow hotlinking.
18. FAQ page wasn't able to answer my doubt, what should i do?
You can send us your inquiries through our contact form. We will answer your queries as soon as possible.
19. Is url shortening allowed?
20. Prohibited images (Child Porn)
EACH prohibited image newly uploaded and manually deleted by us will be charged 0.10$.

Continously uploading of prohibited content will lead to account BAN and NO earnings will be paid.

Please follow rules : - Any image uploaded must be 18+ models


Models age below -18 must NOT contain any NUDES/SEX content and to be covered with at least bikini