Terms Of Service

By using our services, you agree that

1. All registered accounts under PixSense are being identified as Affiliate members of PixSense.
*While we have intensive security measurement to protect ourselves against fraudulent activities, our staff will verify the quality of user account before making any payments. *What we ban permanently at first sight and no mercy - Point 2,3,4.

2. Uploading of child pornography or illegal content are strictly prohibited, we will have your account terminated and all earnings revoked at first sight.

3. We apply strict rules on traffic generated by our affiliate members, failed to comply will result in immediate account termination and all earnings revoked.
While sharing images, you agree not to generate traffic from :
a) Traffic that are involved in paying incentive/points to visitor in order to gain views. Eg : Pay to click advertising(PTC) b) Proxy/Vpn/Datacenter/Vps/Dedicated servers traffic c) Iframe traffics d) Forcing/begging user to visit image that are being hosted by PixSense. e) Traffic exchange sites f) Email traffics g) Bot/automation softwares h) Url shortener traffic i) Any other fraudulent traffic to abuse the system

4. Only one account is allowed per person. Obtaining more than one account per person is strictly prohibited.

5. PixSense will not consider appealing of account termination, we take necessary investigation and held meeting before an action on affiliate account is taken.

6. Account penalties may be held if user was found uploading offensive, illegal, abusive, copyrighted materials.

7. PixSense reserves the right to terminate any user account under any circumstance.

8. PixSense reserves the right to modify/delete any content, system, data that are hosted by us.

9. PixSense reserves the right to revoke user's earning under any circumstance.

10. PixSense reserves the right to held user's payment if traffic source was not possible to verify.

11. PixSense reserves the right to release any user informations that are acquired by us.

12. PixSense reserves the right to request any type of user information, traffic source of uploaded content during payout request by user. Failing to submit necessary information under SEVEN days will result in account termination and all earnings made by user will be revoked.

13. PixSense are not responsible any damage/loss made to user.

14. Individual affiliate member of PixSense will be fully responsible for their all their individual uploaded content, activities in our website.

15. Affiliate members of PixSense will not involve PixSense in any type of lawsuit, counter suit under any circumstance.

16. Affiliate members of PixSense will be fully responsible for their uploaded content.

17. Shall PixSense or any third party proceed to take legal action against affiliate members of PixSense who involved unlawful activities that violate the terms of service. PixSense will direct full legal responsibility to the individual affiliate members of PixSense.

18. Social traffic, chat-room traffic, spam, direct traffic are not allowed.

19. All type of legal content are allowed in PixSense.

20. Childporn images : -

EACH prohibited image newly uploaded and manually deleted by us will be charged 0.10$. Continously uploading of prohibited content will lead to account BAN and NO earnings will be paid.

Please follow rules : - Any image uploaded must be 18+ models


Models age below -18 must NOT contain any NUDES and to be covered with at least bikini